TESTIMONIALS - Football Green Book


"To High School Guidance Counselors, Coaches, Booster Clubs, and Media Specialists: The Football Green Book, published annually each August, is an indispensable resource for students and their families seeking a thorough directory to collegiate football programs…

As a former college football coach who has for thirty years run seminars about navigating the recruiting process, I recommend Green Book as the primary source for reliable information about college football programs at all levels. At least one copy of this reference should be available in every high school or consolidated school system. Start here before searching websites!"
Carol A. White
Recruting Process Expert

"I am a regional scout for the Calgary Stampeders and the Green Book is a tool that I use daily and I am excited to hear that it is going to be available to high school coaches. I started off my career as a high school coach and this information is invaluable. I firmly believe there is a place for anyone who wants to continue their career in college, and this is a tool that will help get athletes there. You will be able to get your athlete's information to every coach in every level of college football and I mean everyone. The coaching staff for all of the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA and CCCAA are included. It is a worthwhile investment for your athletes future."

John Cook
Calgary Stampeders Regional Scout

"Extremely comprehensive, highly accurate, the Football Green Book ranks among the top resources for anybody who wants to the connect with the key individuals in the world of football."

Steve Hatchell
President & CEO National Football Foundation [NFF]

“The Football Green Book is my bible for College Football!  It lists all the critical names and contact information within a college football program.  Everything from “soup to nuts.”  Coaches are constantly changing and moving and the Green Book does a great job of staying current.  It is a valuable resource guide that I consult all the time and bring with me on all my travels."

Neil Gilman
President, Gilman Gear
"I have been purchasing the Green Book for several years after a referral from a NFL scout and have done so every year. When I worked with the NFLPA Bowl I suggested to them and they bought it every year. It has become an invaluable resource for me and Denny is someone you can trust. No matter what your occupation is from scout to coach, agent, trainer, media member, and even a college graduate looking to break in the business. I have 4 resources that I buy every year and the Green Book is one of those 4 that I consider a must have"
Josh Buchanan
Very Satisfied Long Time Customer
"FB GREEN BOOK is a must!! I have used this reference book hundreds of times while coaching in the NFL and College. As a volunteer High School coach for six years, I found myself using it almost as often to help student athletes contact the right person at any college football program in the USA and Canada. This easy to use reference is updated annually and is a real time saver for coaches, parents, or involved alumni. Plus (and I speak from experience) busy college support staff are much more helpful when you call and ask for a specific coach or recruiter by name. The Football Green Book does all the current research for you!!!"
Sam Wyche
49ers, IU, Bengals, Bucs
"I find the Green Book indispensable in my work . It is an immediate reference for all things football. I can’t imagine operating without it."
Bill Polian
Co Founder / Head of Football Alliance Of American Football ( AAF ) Pro Football Hall of Fame 2015

"The Green Book is a must have. If there was a way to make it mandatory I would. In this day and age of Wikipedia and online research, too often we resort to weak resources to study staffs, retrieve contact information, or build connections. The Green Book has done all that for you. They have put in the time and research to be the one stop shop for critical information for those involved in the game. From coaching, to scouting, or recruiting, it will be something you go back to many times a year!”"

Dan Hatman
Director of Scouting Development - ScoutingAcademy.com
"The Green Book is my go-to when I need to contact college coaches. It a valuable resource for recruiting and provides a ton of information that any high school coach could benefit from having in their collection. I order the Green Book every year, and I feel it has greatly benefited our players and our program."
Marty Redmond
Foothill High School

"The Green Book is a wealth of knowledge for anyone that works off the field in the football industry."

Bill Manus
"I find the Green Books to be a though listing of all clubs with valuable information needed to locate the right person in the right position for the benefit of my players."
Leonard S. Roth
The Law Offices of Leonard S. Roth, P.C